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The power of robots
anywhere, anyone
​The possibilities are endless

With advanced solutions that combine technology and robotics technology,Realize the automation of human work until now,We will respond to the issues and needs of our customers.




A UGV that can run outdoors and on rough terrain equipped with an airframe that has IP67 water and dust resistance and off-road tires. Low-floor AGV, etc.

AgileX Robotics Domestic Authorized Dealer


robot in the kitchen

BOTINKIT Distributor

BOTINKIT outer service certification store


Various robots can be proposed for the current ​ challenges. We will support you from planning proposal to implementation.

With the solid knowledge cultivated in robot sales and consulting, we will support you from marketing specializing in robots to sales promotion.

●Marketing specializing in robots/

    Promotion planning strategy planning

●Robotization consulting business


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