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Company Profile

Company Profile

Business content

・Photography by robots and planning, production and distribution of video content
・Robot sales, introduction support, solution consulting
・Disaster support using robots

Company Profile

deptsea inc.

trade name



8-53-18 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-5698-9255 (main)

March 2021

3 million yen

Hironori Sekine

Date of establishment





I want to support a safe and secure life with robotics

Currently, DX (Digital Transformation) and RX (Robot Transformation) are progressing rapidly in our lives. Masu.


Japan is surrounded by abundant nature, but unfortunately that nature sometimes causes disasters. Drones, UGVs, ROVs, etc. are active in recovery work after a disaster, and our company is also playing a part. However, by utilizing robotics including high-precision digital surveying technology and observation equipment, it is possible to prevent disasters in advance and minimize damage.


In addition, if the latest automation system, which is currently being introduced in the fields of logistics and manufacturing, is expanded to the entire city and connected using sensing technology, all vehicles including personal mobility vehicles running in the area will be self-driving. can be This will help prevent traffic accidents, help elderly people go out, reduce logistics costs, and reduce environmental impact.


Such a vision is fully possible with the combination of solutions Deptsy currently offers. Deptsy's concrete vision for tomorrow is to create a city with new affluence, where our lives are safer and more secure.


With Deptsy's technology and knowledge

Solving social issues

While humankind has achieved a prosperous society through the development of technology, it has also created various problems.
However, it is also true that we have solved them with the new technology we have acquired.
Based on the knowledge gained through robot operation, sales, introduction support, and solution consulting, Deptocy hopes to provide technology that solves the issues that our society currently faces.

Deputy Co., Ltd. Representative Director

Hironori Sekine

Hironori Sekine



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