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Agricultural drone
Germination inhibitor spraying business

with the use of robots
​Time and effort
significant reduction

agricultural drone
Sprouting inhibitor spraying business

low cost

Low-cost spraying is possible with reduced labor and fuel costs.


Drone spraying is safe even on slopes or in places with poor footing.


Spray in 1/4 the time where it would take a person a day to spray.


Equipped with an automatic flight function for even construction throughout.

Troublesome weed problem / troubles of agriculture
Solved by drone technology

Drones have been attracting a great deal of attention in recent years as a tool for solving various issues such as the shortage of human resources. Drones are useful for pesticide and fertilizer spraying, pest control, and precision agriculture in agriculture. In addition, many farmers who have introduced the system have demonstrated improved productivity.


Losses and challenges from weed threat growth

solar power station

  • Decrease in power generation due to shade

  • Hideout for snakes and rats

  • Defacement and damage of facilities by rats

  • Increased management costs, etc.

Land subdivided and fallow fieldsSuch

  • Intense breeding of Solidago canadensis

  • Allergic damage caused by ragweed

  • Insect damage to crops

  • Complaints from nearby residents

Road/median stripSuch

  • Hindering traffic safety

  • Compensation due to scratches on the vehicle due to protruding weeds

  • deterioration of visibility, etc.

Professionals certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will respond

A permit approval is required to fly the drone.
Please be assured that drone operators who have the skills and knowledge certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and have the skills of aerial spraying will respond.

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I can even help you mow the lawn!

​Are you having trouble with weeds? Deputy also offers a "mowing and weeding" service for those who have trouble with weeds. Please see the documentation for details.

You can also download the document by clicking the image on the right.

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The change of season is effective!

*Mowing may be required in advance. note that.

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