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Educational Support

Education support business

You can learn the knowledge and maneuvering skills necessary for ROV (underwater drone) maneuvering!

ROVs are starting to be used in a wide range of fields, such as hull/bottom surveys, fixed net surveys/inspections, ocean/bank protection work, and maintenance/inspection of water tanks. You can learn high-quality diving techniques through accurate guidance and acquire the knowledge and skills that are essential for safe diving.


underwater drone
Technical acquisition support for safe diving maneuvers

In the human resource development program formulated by the Japan ROV Association, we conduct our own training to train ROV pilots with the knowledge and skills for safe operation, and issue a certificate to those who complete it.


corporate course

We formulate and develop a curriculum for companies that are considering introducing underwater robots such as ROVs and underwater drones, as well as underwater acoustic equipment, regarding their knowledge, laws, and how to use them.


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