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SCOUT 4-wheel differential series

Versatile drive-by-wire chassis SCOUT 2.0

Combining an efficient and robust 4-wheel differential rotation with a compact body, the robot can move freely indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal mobile platform solution.


Four-wheel drive suitable for driving on complex terrain


Ultra-long battery, externally expandable


400W brushless servo motor


Circulating cooling system for day and night all-weather operation


Double wishbone suspension for smooth running even on uneven roads


We support rapid secondary development and deployment


​Can be used in various situations

Based on the SCOUT chassis and autonomous driving technology, we built a multi-sensor fusion navigation scheme using laser radar, binocular camera and ultrasonic waves to achieve timely and accurate logistics delivery tasks in semi-enclosed environments such as parks and factory areas. can be completed.

It also realizes unmanned operation, reduces manpower input, and improves logistics efficiency. Security robot based on SCOUT chassis and security inspection system, suitable for indoor and outdoor inspection with rapid secondary development.


This solution mainly consists of camera, central control computer, GPS, laser radar and microphone audio. It can realize video recording and playback, real-time face recognition, voice intercom, remote control, etc. Moreover, the APP program can be flexibly customized according to the requirements of the scenario.

  • Work in areas where it is difficult for humans to walk, such as rough roads

  • Periodic inspection work regardless of season and day and night

  • ​Transportation work on rough roads such as observation equipment

technical parameters
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