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our strengths

Various technologies such as ROV/UGV
We propose a combination of

We propose solutions by combining ROV, acoustic equipment and various technologies to solve underwater problems and improve productivity. In addition, by using underwater robots, etc., we will realize even safer surveys.


extensive qualifications

As a group of specialists in supporting water quality surveys, Deptocy's well-qualified agents will fully meet the needs of our customers.

ROV Skilled Pilot

ROV Skill Certified Instructor

Underwater Drone Safety Diving Pilot



Diverse achievements

We carry out numerous underwater surveys throughout the year, and we offer safe, secure, and reliable surveys based on our track record of surveys in a variety of environments, from the ocean to urban underwater infrastructure.


Well-equipped facilities

As a group of specialists in water quality survey support, we will firmly support customer surveys with a full range of equipment centered on ROV (underwater drone) equipment.


Backup system

In order to reliably carry out investigation requests received from customers, Deptocy cooperates with cooperating companies and joins powerful organizations that provide a strong backup system.
​[Member Organization] Japan ROV Association



Underwater surveys and work in a variety of environments can lead to all sorts of problems. At Deptocy, we organize an optimal team according to the content of the investigation, anticipating all sorts of troubles and conducting safe and reliable investigations.


low cost

By utilizing the latest ROV (underwater drone), we will provide a low-cost survey service by realizing even faster and easier inspection of underwater structures.


Advanced use of data

Creation of 3D data from captured videos and images, mapping of data recorded by various audio equipment, sonar, etc. using analysis software, delivery of highly usable data such as understanding of sedimentation conditions, volume calculation, cross-sectional drawing creation, etc. is possible.

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